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Carlos and his staff are really great. Carlos is very knowledgeable and attentive. He teaches you how to better intuit what is going on with your body and what it needs. I still have a journey ahead but feel much more hopeful and equipped to get myself pain free.
~ Kevin S.

My previous PT with another provider made my neck injury feel worse. Forza made a big difference, reducing the pain while building strength and flexibility in my neck after surgery!
~ Tara Z.

Carlos and Rogelio were always kind and positive and did not discount my pain even though it was not severe. I knew I would benefit from PT and I feel that I definitely did! Facility was clean and bright and created a good environment. I appreciated when Carlos and Rogelio would take time to explain the therapy and exact muscles that were being worked on.
~ .

TI have a neck injury from a car accident several years ago. Headaches (migraines) started upon the accident. When I became pregnant with my second child my headaches became out of control. With the treatment provided my migraines have reduced in frequency. I am very thankful to the team at Forza for the help provided.
~ Regina O.

The staff at Forza is very attentive and helped me achieve a level of movement/activity that allowed me to better manage my back pain.
~ Veronica P.

I always appreciate when I am met with a friendly greeting and they are ready for me. I never had to wait. I also felt their explanations of the treatment were clean and easy to understand.
~ Virginia C.

Everyone was great. Enjoyed PT. Look forward to personal training at Forza. For anyone with shoulder issues-give Forza a go before giving into surgery.
~ Tina H.

Considerable pain in lower back and extremities. Treatment by Carlos and his staff has made a significant difference in my ability to move about. Staff members Sergio and Thomas have been very professional and their work with me has been a genuine pleasure. I heartily recommend Forza Physiotherapy to anyone who is looking for a similar need for therapy treatment in the future.
~ Tom H.

Came in to see Carlos after a car accident and 5 weeks chiropractor care. Was still in constant neck pain with no relief. Day 1 I felt so much better. Was still in pain but was able to move my neck with more ease. He was attentive everyday and asked me how i was doing whether or not he was the one delivering treating. Have already and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you!
~ Roxann C.

Carlos, you and your staff are great. Ten out of ten recommend.
~ Walter G.

They listened to my problem and responded in an appropriate and professional manner.
~ Susan K.

The staff at Forza are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. My treatment plan was explained thoroughly to me and the therapist never rushed the appointments and took the time to answer all my questions. the facility is clean and organized. I had a great experience!.
~ Crystal J.

I've tried other therapies to resolve my neck and shoulder pain. I've had the best response with Forza. Also feel that I have a plan to continue maintenance to avoid recurring pain.
~ Janie K.

Came in with lower back pain and side pain. Within just a few days of therapy and exercise I could feel an improvement. They push you just enough to get you better, but not to hurt you. I've come to them with ankle, elbow, and back pain and each one haven't been disappointed. I highly recommend them!.
~ Jose L.

I came to physical therapy with extreme neck pain. Through the exercise techniques and professional guidance my pain has decreased significantly and my mobility increased allowing me to resume activities and sleep without so much discomfort as well as decrease my headaches. I highly recommend the professional services at Forza Physiotherapy and Wellness.
~ Polly M.

Well, I'm in a terrible situation. I've got several issues going on all at the same time, but my neck pain overall has been considerably better. No crazy pain. Thanks.
~ Mary Lou S.

I highly recommend the services provided at Forza. They give you one on one, hands on, to make patient understand how to alleviate pain at home. Make it a life style change. Even though, I still have pain, surgery is not my option. Thank you Carlos and your team.
~ Glenda L.

A big thanks to Carlos and his staff for getting me better! I had constant hip pain when I started with Forza and now after 5 weeks I am close to being pain free. I highly recommend Forza and their very caring staff!
~ Dora H.

I was referred by my primary care physician following chemotherapy. When I started, I had been inactive for approximately 5-6 months. I tried walking just a short distance and my balance was very poor. We worked on strengthening my legs and core which has helped me a lot to get stronger. I really appreciate the treatment I received at Forza. They are compassionate and professional. It's a pleasure to come here!
~ Jan K.

I was in severe cervical (neck) pain from one day to the next- I called and made an appointment (for the next day) at my spinal surgeon and he was the one who referred me to "Forza". I believe that they are the best available and I knew I was in very good hands! Knowing that Dr. Orozco had the "credentials" to treat and take care of my problem!
~ Rosalinda G.

They have provided me the ability to go back doing the things I was doing before. I have to be able to work on my rent houses.
~ Jerrell L.

Carlos and his staff are/were consistently professional, cordial, and sensitive to my pain that was 10/10 upon arrival...hence, while in treatment, my pain is 5/10 (50 %) less and now able to do activities I most enjoy. Highly and strongly recommend their PT services!!!
~ Adam R.

After several years of pain and doctor visits nothing seemed to work. Now I feel great and hope to keep it that way. Carlos and staff were very courteous and provided efficient service. thanks for your help.
~ Javier R.

As much pain as I was in when I first came to Forza I didn't think I would feel this much better in the end. I feel as though I am on the right track to a full recovery. The staff was so tenative to my level of fitness that the therapy seemed like a smooth and seamless workout. Great job to all the staff at Forza!
~ Irma M.

By completing my therapy program and following Carlos's recommendations, I am able to resume normal life (as a working mom of 3) with minimal pain and avoid surgery!
~ Nicole M.

I came in for a referral from Dr. Jimenez. Enrolled with Forza with hesitation after the fist session I felt energized, and looking forward to my weekly session. I am on my 6th week of therapy. I feel wonderful. I could not have done the therapy without Dr. Carlos's assistance. He is knowledge, strict, and professional. Thanks Dr. Carlos Orozco.
~ Patricia R.

Preparing for knee replacement surgery. PT sessions were very thorough and I can feel the strengthening already. Looking forward to returning after surgery. Thanks Carlos!
~ Dora H.

I didn't realize that by making some small adjustment to the way I stand/sit, all could alleviate some of my pain. I have been able to do more because of some things I learned here. Also, my headaches have gone away.
~ Sally G.

I came to Forza with mild to moderate lower back pain. Dr. Orozco helped me to strengthen my core by implementing exercises that I can do at home. He's patient and listens to patients and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone needing PT for the personalized treatment and his expertise.
~ Sylvia H.

I recently had a baby that left me in extreme pain in my pelvic area, groin, and pubic bone. Just one week post postpartum i stated PT. Now, 4 weeks later and 5 weeks postpartum, my pain is minimal and only occurs w/ extended physical activity, standing, or sitting for extended periods of time. The care I received was excellent and pin pointed exactly my pain areas. Thank You!
~ Alyssa P.

I had a rotator cuff repair on my shoulder in November of 2016. After my surgery I got the best care available through the physical therapist at Forza Physiotherapy, Carlos Orozco, PT, DPT. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated the skill level needed to help me with my recovery. He took his time working with me as well as all techniques and exercises he implemented. He used various techniques to assist with the healing process of my shoulder. I now have full active range of motion of my shoulder due to the work, guidance and one on one I received at Forza PT. I would highly recommend Carlos due to great care I received as well as my successful outcome.
~ Deborah R.

I had a full tear in my rotator cuff which I had surgically repaired. I started physical therapy with Carlos in November and when I first came here I could not move my arm without extreme pain. After six weeks of PT and six weeks of strengthening I have full range of motion and most of my strength restored. Carlos did an excellent job with my rehab and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
~ James G.

Forza PT is the best! Dr. Orozco listens to your issues and provides an individualized program with easy explanations. Excellent results!! Carlos and Veronica, you both are exceptional!
~ Ginny F.

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